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Local group raises money for Boston marathon victims

Local group raise money for Boston marathon victims

A local group is trying to help a family dealing with injury and the loss of a loved one after the Boston Marathon.

They covered some ground Thursday in an event called "Benefit for Boston".

"It was so sad," said Amaury Santana, a walker and employee of RMS, an iQor company. "I mean people were just doing a marathon. It's something that is for the community so I definitely appreciate being able to do it here."

A group at RMS are raising money for people who are 300 miles away.

"I've never met them," added Kineta Negron, the person who came up with the idea. "I think it would be a great opportunity to meet them one day. I just feel like it's a family who really needed some help and that this was a great opportunity to provide that to them."

The family is the Richard family.

They gained national attention after the Boston Marathon bombing.

"The family lost their middle child," said Negron. "Their youngest child lost part of their leg and both of the parents also got injuries."

"It touched a lot of people here and somebody was passionate about trying to do something for those victims," said Cheryl Smith, community outreach committee organizer for RMS.

Three hundred fifteen employees paid $5.00 to sign up for the walk and then they raised money in the community.

There was also a t-shirt decorating contest and just coming together to help people in need.

"We have a great culture," said Karl Nicosia, senior vice president and general manager for iQor commercial division. "We care about the community that we are in and we care about people. That's reflected in the way our people feel about us."

The group is still collecting money but they have already raised more than $4,000.

The next event will raise money for those devastated by the tornado in Oklahoma.

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