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Local election inspector alleges voter fraud

Local election inspector alleges...

EASTON, Pa. - We heard a lot about voter fraud during the presidential election, but now a voting official in our area says she witnessed it first-hand in Northampton County.

Bonnie Green has worked as a majority inspector of elections for Northampton County for the last three years.

She says in her district two ward one, she has seen people cast votes that shouldn't have been counted.

But, she says she doesn't like to use the word "fraud" across the board. She says some of the incidents she has seen were intentional, while others were voter error.

"I am troubled when I hear politicians say we don't have a problem because we have a problem," said Green.

She discusses one instance in 2015 where a young man who gave a birth date much older than he appeared to poll workers.

Green says the question of the young man's voter eligibility was discussed by poll workers, but ultimately...

"The judge of elections said no he can vote," said Green. "While after he came out to vote he actually admitted and we were able to track it down that he used his grandfather's name."

Green says she has also seen a lot of people who moved away, even out of state try to return to the area to vote.

She says during the presidential election workers at her ward encountered a lot of people who weren't registered.

"I believe we turned away close between 20 and 40 people who came up but they weren't registered to vote," she said.

Green says some voting issues are due to voter error.

"During every election that  I have been at there have been people who have gone in and not pressed the button," said Green.

That being the button to finalize the vote.

Catherine Allen, Northampton County Director of  Administration, says the county is reaching out to Green about her concerns.

County election voting say after each election there is a review to see how it went.

If a voters eligibility is in question, they are typically given a provisional ballot that is counted only after their status in confirmed.

Green says in the most recent elections the county has done a good job of educating poll workers about the importance and provisional ballot.

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