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Lehigh Valley

Local law enforcement participate active shooter drill

Local law enforcement participate active shooter drill

Police officers from across our region came together to take part in training they say is vital to ensure the safety of our children.

The training, which lasted three days, took place in an undisclosed location inside the city of Allentown and was hosted by the Allentown Police Department.

Participants had in-class and hands-on training on what it's like to deal with a shooter inside a school.

"It's a different mindset. It really puts you in the 'it won't happen here' to the realization that there's a very good chance it may happen here, it could happen anywhere and you need to be prepared for it," said Captain Glen Dorney with the Allentown Police Department.

After Wednesday, officers who complete the course, taught by the National Tactical Officers Association will be certified to teach the course to other members in their department.

"We're more conditioned to deal with it. We don't have as much of a shock 'oh my God, this is happening, what do I do?' Now we have something to work off of and a basis to work off of," said NTOA instructor James Comstock.

It's a course that has proven to be necessary and whether or not such an event were to ever take place in the Lehigh Valley, officers and their departments will at least be prepared.

"All the area departments are going to work together and we don't want the first time that they work together to be in a real live incident, we want it to be in training," said Dorney.

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