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Locally produced organ playing in Papal Mass

Locally produced organ playing in Papal Mass

MACUNGIE, Pa. - The Lehigh Valley will be well represented at the Papal Mass Friday in New York City.

Lehigh County's very own Allen Organ Company will provide an instrument for the event, but if you can't make it to the mass, you can catch one of the organs in action a little closer to home.

Allen Organ Company said it's honored to be part of the festivities here at home and in New York City. On Sunday, a 400 pound organ from the company will be played here at the Steel Stacks right before Pope Francis' mass is streamed live from Philadelphia.

In the meantime, the company is prepping another one of its instruments in New York City for the pope's big mass there tomorrow. 

"Our main focuses have been churches, and other religious institutions and concert hall," said Steven Markowitz, president of Allen Organ.

The $60,000 organ will be the only instrument of its kind to be played at the mass led by Pope Francis at Madison Square Garden.

"We made contact there with the music people there and we made arrangements to bring our instrument," Markowitz said.

Allen Organ has provided organs for the pontiff since the 1970's, including for Pope John Paul II visit to St. Louis in 1999 and Pope Benedict's 2008 visit to Washington D.C. 

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