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LV residents among those remembering Boston Marathon victims

LV residents among those remembering Boston Marathon victims

BOSTON, Ma. - The city of Boston is trying to get back to normal. Tuesday many gathered near the explosion site to pay tribute to the victims.

Tufts University freshman and Fogelsville native Jake Hoover says he not only heard but felt Monday's explosions while cheering on friends at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

"It was like really, this is happening. I don't think anyone expected to be in midst of an explosion," he said.

Tuesday brought not only the glare of the lens but also tears, hugs and prayer.

Tributes were paid and placed on a shut down Boylston Street to those injured or killed in the blast, which happened just a few blocks away.

"It's pretty surreal, yet you know just wanted to be out and about," said runner Bob Martin.

Martin was one of a large numbers of runners who returned to the scene. Runners like Heather Aften from Alaska hugged her kids extra tight after placing a flower at the makeshift memorial.

"It seemed like the right thing to do and wanted my kids to be part of it too," she said.

Mixed into the tribute was a large contingent of cops, SWAT and K9 units could be seen --just part of the huge police presence the city placed near the site.

As Tuesday progressed, things got back to normal. Stores may not be open but the street is and the memorial moved and got bigger.

But the emotion was the same: tears for some, a deep realization for others and a show of support by many.

"Not so much a ground zero as trying to recapture what was lost yesterday," Craig Pieffer said.

The Reading man, who ran the race, says in the fraternity that is the runners world, no single act, no matter how horrific, can stop the determined.

"That was camaraderie, sharing of that experience of Boston. Getting to explain how we did and when we will come back again," he said.

Proving that Boston may be down but certainly not without support.

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