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Made Right Here: Bio Med Sciences

Made Right Here: Bio Med Sciences

UPPER MACUNGIE TWP., Pa. - Bio Med Sciences President Mark Dillon describes his company as "small, with a large reach."

In fact, that reach now spans the entire globe.  Dillon estimates that his Upper Macungie Twp., Lehigh Co.-based company sells wound care and scar management products in 50 different countries.

"We make a line of products that are used as a temporary skin replacement for burn victims and also products that are used to cover skin graft sites," said Dillon.

It all began with a nagging curiosity in the classroom while Dillon was a student at Alfred University in New York.

"The root of the idea actually was a question I asked in class one day and the professor didn't have an answer for it," Dillon explained.

Dillon wanted to combine Teflon and silicone to add elasticity to a certain bio-material. The professor didn't think it would work, but Dillon made it happen.

"When I came back and showed him what I had done, his first response was, 'I think you can get a patent on that,'" Dillon recalled

And that's exactly what Dillon did.

"I ended up with my thesis project and a couple of patents and a diploma," said Dillon.

Dillon's business began as a one-man operation inside his apartment in Boston. He recalls developing his so-called Silon technology in a frying pan in his kitchen. He used Lehigh University's Ben Franklin business incubator as a springboard to officially launch Bio Med Sciences in the Lehigh Valley in 1991.

Now, Dillon said he's happy to know that his bright idea is helping him make his mark in the business world and beyond.

"I think we've made a significant improvement to the standard of burn care in this country and around the world," said Dillon.

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