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Major construction starts on the Easton - P'burg Toll Bridge

2-yr project will cause delays; drivers urged to use I-78

Major Construction starts on the Easton - P'burg Toll Bridge

EASTON, Pa. - 16257820

Get ready to tap the brakes a little more on Route 22 between Easton and Phillipsburg.

Summer is construction season and road crews have started a major project on the Easton - Phillipsburg Toll bridge.

A major part of the project includes replacing the road surface on and around the bridge.

Crews are also asking motorists to utilize I-78 and not the free bridge in Easton.

There weren't a lot of back-ups on Route 22 between Pennsylvania and New Jersey Monday morning.

"The first day went very well, but people shouldn't get a false sense of security from that," said Joe Donnelly, spokesperson for the Delaware Joint River Joint Toll Bridge Commission.

Traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction over the Easton - Phillipsburg Toll Bridge for three quarters of a mile.

And it will be that way for 18 months of the two year project.

"Normally with two lanes in each direction this area here during peak travel periods, 2,200 vehicles per hour," added Donnelly. "But when you reduce it down to single lanes it's capacity will be reduced to only 1,400 vehicles per hour."

So if you don't want to get stuck in traffic what are some alternate routes?

Workers say use Interstate 78 and avoid the free bridge between Easton and Phillipsburg.

"Both cities have a lot of traffic and then the free bridge that connects the two of them, that's already congested during peak periods," said Donnelly.

Workers will be repairing the surface of the bridge and areas around the bridge, fixing cracks in the bridge deck slab, and repainting the bridge during the construction.

"This project will be able to put into probably it's best overall shape, the overall facility since the 1950's." added Donnelly.

There are a number of ways motorist can keep updated on the project.

Workers says motorist can call 855- FIX SPAN (855- 349-7726), follow the Twitter feed at @22Tollbridge, or on the project specific webpage at

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