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Marine Corps celebrates 241st birthday

Marine Corps celebrates 241st birthday

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - The Marine Corps celebrated its 241st birthday.

Members of the Bethlehem and Lehigh Valley Marine Corps League detachments and the local Inspector-Instructor staff of India Battery in Allentown held a birthday celebration along with other Marines in the community.

"Everyone in the Marine Corps our brothers and sisters with each other. So we all come together on this day and celebrate" says Roslyn Schroeder, Master Sergeant- Retired.

It's a ceremony full of tradition with messages from higher ups in the Marine Corps, a chance for some to share war stories and even a moment to remember a local Marine who recently died serving his country.

"Marines put our lives on the line. It's an incredible brotherhood and when we get together like this we celebrate ourselves we celebrate each other we celebrate all the marines that have come before us" says Corporal Anthony Pearson.

Although Thursday was mostly about celebrating the 241st birthday of the Marines there is also a discussion on the future of the Corps.

"You can see at the end of the election itself it's pretty divided. And that's kind of scary because 50 percent of the people believe one thing and 50 percent of people believe something completely different. And I think that will really have an impact on the Marine Corps" says Robert Daday, Colonel- Retired.

Daday says Americans need to become united. He says the people of this country must support the troops despite having different political views.

"Give the new President a chance and hopefully he will show us what we are hoping he will do for us and make this the greatest country of all" says Schroeder.

Anthony Pearson says he hopes more can be done to help veterans.

"There's a lot of progress that's been made in the United States over the last eight to 12 years so I don't want to see those things necessarily go away but I definitely want to see a focus on our veterans things like that" says Pearson.

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