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Maserati dealership coming to the Lehigh Valley

Maserati dealership coming to the Lehigh Valley

SOUTH WHITEHALL TWP., Pa. - If you enjoy high-end luxury cars and have the cash to spend on them, a new dealership coming to the area is just for you.

"I can't tell you how excited we all are about getting, about receiving, the Maserati franchise," Rob Bennett, president of Bennett Automotive Group, told 69 News.

He said they will be bringing a Maserati and high-end luxury car dealership to the area.

"I think the car speaks for itself, gorgeous car, Italian leather, it sounds great," Bennett said, standing in front of a Maserati in the showroom at Bennett Infiniti at 4800 Tilghman St. on Thursday.

"You can modify the sound of the exhaust, you can modify the shifting of the transmission."

"I think it bodes well for the Lehigh Valley, for us getting truly the first exotic car franchise that's come into the Valley," said Bennett.

The cars will be sold at Bennett Infiniti in South Whitehall Township, Lehigh Co., until Infiniti moves to its new location on Lehigh Street in Allentown in July.

Then the current Infiniti location will be devoted to Maserati and other high-end cars.

"We have to retrofit this to meet Maserati standards and, as you can imagine, it'll be a gorgeous facility," Bennett added.

Bennett said there is an interest in this kind of car in the region and they expect to do well.

"We've had a number of inquiries, number of people have said, 'let us know when you get the first shipment of cars,' which is any day now," he said.

"In addition to the 150, which is the one you see here, the $150,000 top of the line sedan, they've come to market with the Ghibli, which is around $68,000," said Bennett.

He added, "Any car that makes you feel passionate about driving, I'm all about that."

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