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McDonald's Baby finds clue in search for birth mother

McDonald's Baby finds clue in search for birth mother

PEN ARGYL, Pa. - A Northampton County man found abandoned as a newborn in a fast food restaurant is now able to place one piece of the puzzle.

It's all thanks to a phone call David Volk made Monday to a woman in Texas named Wilhelmenia Dinkins.

"I asked her if she remembered seeing a baby on the floor of a McDonald's, she said absolutely yes and said I'm that person you're looking for," Volk told 69 News Tuesday.

"He said he had been searching for me because he was the baby that I rescued in McDonald's on 18th Avenue in New Jersey," Dinkins, 73, told 69 News over the phone Tuesday. "I was really surprised and all kinds of emotions going on."

This is a step forward for Volk as he tries to piece together the puzzle of his past. He lives in Pen Argyl and was able to track down Dinkins in Texas with help through Facebook.

"I got involved with a search squad, they invited me, it was a private site and I gave them her name and they tracked her down within the same day," he said.

Volk was found as a newborn in the bathroom of a McDonald's in Newark, New Jersey December 20, 1977. Dinkins was the restaurant manager and said her son, who was 17 and also working there, was the first to come across the bundle on the bathroom floor.

"He didn't know whether it was a kitten that was left there because that's what he said to me, 'mom I thought it was a cat,'" she explained. "He sent someone in for me and I came in and opened the bag and realized it was the baby."

"The bag didn't' cover the baby. The baby was in the bag. The bag was tucked and folded around to make sort of a bed for the baby," she said. "The baby was fully dressed and was wrapped in a blanket so immediately I just asked one of the crew people to call 911."

"The fact that the baby was dressed in clothing and had the blanket around it, to me, that means that whoever the mom was, or is , she cared enough to leave the baby inside and not leave the baby outside," said Dinkins.

Volk is excited about getting in touch with the person who played a part in his past.

"It's a great feeling that I found her. I was able to tell her thank you," he said.

Dinkins said she didn't notice anything out of the ordinary that day, but something caught the attention of her daughter when she was waiting in the car outside to pick up Dinkins.

"She did see a woman leaving and she only paid, took notice to her, because she had some blood stains on the back of her clothing," she said. "She had on a coat my daughter said and I guess it's like scrubs or something for a nurse's outfit."

Volk is confident he'll find his birth mother and is asking for any help and information people can offer.

"I'm hoping that she's out there, that she sees this and I just want her to come forward so we can start a relationship," he said.

He will soon be a parent himself. He and his wife are expecting a baby.

"The ultrasound due date is December 20, 2014, exactly 37 years from the day Wilhelmenia found me," he said.

Volk added, "I absolutely believe there's a reason for everything."

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