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Meet the Lehigh Valley Zoo's newest residents

Meet the Lehigh Valley Zoo's newest residents

N. WHITEHALL TWP., Pa. - They're just three weeks old, but two little penguins are a coming attraction at the Lehigh Valley Zoo.

"We're pretty happy that we've got the Chicks...huge success story for us," said Samantha Wegman, Assistant General Curator, Lehigh Valley Zoo.

The baby African penguins have been a labor of love for Samantha Wegman and her team who have been trying to get the breeding program up and running for several years.

"Even though we are small we want to have just as big of an impact on conservation," Wegman said.

Wegman says it's not just about putting on a show for visitors but keeping a dwindling penguin population growing.

"They are an endangered species and this helps the whole program by adding the chicks to the population," said Richard Rosevear, Director of Animal Operations, Lehigh Valley Zoo.

Part of a species originally from the coast of South Africa, these little chicks will now make their home at the Lehigh Valley's own penguin pond. The babies haven't met the rest of the colony yet but when they are big enough they will be introduced to the outside world.

Wegman says she's proud of the chicks and the zoo for helping bring them into the world.

"The fact that we have the first pair of chicks is very, very exciting," Wegman said.

And says she is looking forward to watching them and their penguin colony grow.

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