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Mold problem closes part of library in Wilson

Mold problem closes part of library in Wilson

WILSON, Pa. - Part of a library in Northampton County is off-limits because of a mold problem, and it's a problem that's affecting Wilson's youngest readers.

"This is where I pay my taxes. This is where I live," said Anna Odyssey, a Wilson resident. "This is where I want my kids to come."

Odyssey can't take her three children to the Mary Meuser Memorial Library in Wilson.

"You kill the spirit of kids that look forward to going to the library when school is out," added Odyssey.

The 20,000 books on the shelves of the children's reading room are off limits, for now, because of mold.

"We experienced a rather serious flooding due to a pipe breakage last winter," said the library's director, Dan Redington.

Mold from the flooding was first discovered in March, but Redington said further testing was needed.

"Those results showed that, although it was not a life-threatening situation, we did not want to have the facility opened to the public," said Redington.

The room was closed on May 30.

Two-thousand books that were checked out before the room was locked are the only titles available.

"I refuse to go to any other library," added Odyssey. "I kept the kids at home. I just bring them to read the books in the grown-up section where the books are."

The ripple effect of the room being closed is fewer people coming to the library.

"Looking at the statistics, we're down about 50 percent," said Redington.

Some wonder why the mold wasn't removed sooner. Library officials didn't have an answer for that, but said they do have a meeting scheduled with a mold removal company next week.

"Hopefully, work will begin within a week or so after that. Our goal is to be reopened by the middle of August," added Redington.

After the work is finished, the staff hopes to have a grand re-opening in September.

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