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Mom Of Local Teen Wants 'Bath Salts' Taken Off Store Shelves

HELLERTOWN, Pa. - While lawmakers in Harrisburg try to get so-called "bath salts" off of store shelves for good, one local mother is taking matters into her own hands.

Michelle Gubish of Hellertown is on a mission to make sure the synthetic drug called bath salts is not being sold in stores.

Her son, David Gubish used bath salts. He spent six weeks on a ventilator at St. Luke's Hospital.

Originally, David told his mom a mark on his arm was a spider bite. Eventually, he admitted to using the legal drug called bath salts.

David's arm got so bad that it was almost amputated. Doctors were able to save his arm after several surgical procedures.

"His arm will obviously never look the same as yours or mine," Michelle said.

Now Michelle is on a mission to get stores to stop selling bath salts and all types of legal synthetic drugs in Pennsylvania.

?Makes me feel good when I know stores are not selling them. If there are stores that are still selling them, I get angry," she said.

Until these synthetic drugs are banned, she hopes that people will listen to a mother who is trying to prevent this from happening to another family.

"There's no good that can come out of it," she added.

State legislation banning bath salts could happen very soon. The State Senate has passed a bill banning the legal drugs.

A representative from Jennifer Mann's office tells 69 News the House could vote to pass the bill next week.

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