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More than 40 years of memories to be auctioned off at King George Inn

Two auctions set for Monday

More than 40 years of memories to be auctioned off at King George Inn

SOUTH WHITEHALL TWP., Pa. - From old fashioned prints, vintage posters, to a giant English crest, more than 40 years of memories set to be auctioned off one at time.

"I've said it many times it's like a death in the family," said Cliff McDermott.

The death for Cliff McDermott is the King George Inn, an Allentown area social staple since 1756, that he bought on a whim in 1970 but had to shut down in August.

"You have to imagine in 42 years how many people met here, got married here," McDermott said.

What's still here will be publicly auctioned off Monday. Including an old fashioned cash register used in a ring your own sale promotion, that Cliff admits didn't exactly help the bottom line.

"People were not paying, it wasn't a long last promotion," he said.

Bar benches, lighted lamps, glass, both stained and clear and this being the King George Inn as angelic portrait of Queen Elizabeth, all are expected to sell.

"Like when raised Yankee Stadium, Polo Grounds, Ebbets Filed, people bought the strangest things. Bought the urinals," Cliff said.

Cliff doesn't know if his urinals are for sale but the bathroom doors are.

Auctioneer Jamie Townsend says items will sell from a few dollars to several thousands. The auction won't quit until the former restaurant is empty.

"On a sale like this is once in a lifetime sale for people. They have memories here and want to partake in it," Townsend said.

The building, which predates our government, is for sale too. Its fate is up in the air, as are the items inside.

The first auction starts at 11 a.m., and another at 3 p.m. Monday.

Click here  for more information about the items up for bid.

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