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Mother asking for help in Hit and Run of her daughter

Mother asking for help in Hit and Run of her daughter

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Allentown Police are still looking for the person they say is responsible for a hit and run that sent a 16-year-old girl to the hospital almost two weeks ago.

The incident happened around 7:30pm Saturday, September 28th in the 400 block of Hanover Avenue.

Vivian Vera, 16, says she was friends celebrating a birthday, when the unthinkable happened.

"As the car hit her she flew in the air and she bounced and they thought she was dead," said her mother Vivian Calderón.

Vivian says she was crossing Hanover Avenue across from the Cookies Grocery Store but only managed to make it halfway when she was hit by a driver.

The crash knocked Vivian out and the only thing her friends claim to remember is a red car.

The force of the impact left the driver's side view mirror smashed and in pieces on the ground.

"They cannot tell the model of the car, or the year or the plate, that it's only a red car. They thought the car was going to stop but it didn't," said Calderón.

Now, the teen whose won medals both in swimming and gymnastics, is practically bed ridden, unable to walk due to her injuries.

"She has three screws in her ankle, she cannot walk for 6 weeks, she had trauma in her liver, bleeding and her splint, she got stitches in her arm," said Calderón.

Vivian's mother says teachers plan to stop by and help her daughter with her studies so the 11th grader doesn't get too far behind for the school year.

But Calderón wants more than just help with homework.

"Accidents happen, it'd be nice if they come forward. How can he sleep or she can sleep and eat like nothing happened? You hit a human being," she said.

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