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'Mr. Liberty' dances his way through tax season

Mr. Liberty dances his way through tax season

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - You have only one more week to file your taxes, but who says taxes have to be boring? Bethlehem's "dancing tax guy" says, no way!

If you happen to be driving down Linden Street in Bethlehem, and you look -- and listen -- really carefully, you'll find Stevie Blatz.

"I am Mr. Liberty!", he said. "Tah-dah!"

"Mr. Liberty" is a singing, dancing, and skating mascot for Liberty Tax Service.

"I'm not only the mascot," he said. "I'm also a customer."

There are Liberty mascots all over the area, but none is quite like Blatz.

"They're honking, they put their hands up in the air," he said. "They're walking by and they're dancing with me."

Blatz has plenty of fans.

"I've passed here before and I've seen him out here doing his thing and it was, like, really funny," said Taylor Bennett of Bethlehem. "I can really dig the roller blades They're really cool, yeah."

But if you think is all just for show, think again.

"Why do we do it? It works," said Liberty Tax manager Michele Shannon. "Probably about 80 percent of the customers come in and say because they saw the waver."

Blatz said he's glad to do his part.

"They stop and they come in. They're like, 'You know, we saw the skating guy out there,'" he said.

Performing characters is actually Blatz's day job. So, is this a long-term career?

"It might be," said Blatz. "We'll see!"

You've got one more week to see Mr. Liberty. The IRS is not granting extensions.

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