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Municipalities deciding what to do with newest salt shipment

Municipalities deciding what to do with newest salt shipment

WILSON BOROUGH, Pa. - Sick of the snow? You're in good company.

Some public works crews aren't sure how much more they can take.

They're keeping an eye on their salt supply with just days to go before another possible storm.

Many municipalities use the same supplier in our area.

All got a salt delivery on Saturday, and some are getting creative to make sure that supply lasts until spring.

Finally a shipment of salt has come in at the public works department in Wilson Borough, Northampton County.

"We just got a shipment in of 150 tons," said Greg Drake, director of public works for Wilson Borough. "We're pretty much ready for this storm."

Added to the salt they already have, that make 250 tons.

In order to make it last the rest of the winter, Drake says his department is getting creative.

"Instead of salting three or four times during a storm, we are salting at the beginning of the storm, then we are plowing and hopefully the next day the sun comes out, the temperature goes up a little bit and it melts most of it off."

Drake says his crew will then lay down salt at the end of the storm.

That will save his department around 100 tons of salt.

"Normally I might only use maybe 800 to 900 tons because I always have some on hand when we first start," added Drake. "We're way over that, we're at about 1,500 or 1,600 tons already."

Crews also had to replace every blade on the plows, something that is only done every two years.

There is worry this won't be the last storm.

Wilson Borough can only order 135 more tons of salt from its supplier before this year's contract is exceeded.

That means one more storm after Monday and road crews may have to ask their neighbors for help.

"Between Palmer, Easton, Forks, whatever, whoever doesn't have any salt, we're sharing with our neighboring municipalities," said Drake.

Orders need to be made by March 15 for next year's winter, just another issue facing public works directors in the area.

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