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Neighbor helps save 6-year-old boy drowning in pool

It happened Sunday at a Memorial Day party

Boy saved from pool

LOWER NAZARETH TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A Memorial Day celebration took a scary turn Sunday when a young boy was found face-down in a family pool.

But thanks to a quick-thinking neighbor, this story has a happy ending.

People at the Memorial Day party say they only turned their heads for a split second.

Next thing they knew the six-year-old boy was at the bottom of the pool.

It was a normal Memorial Day party at a home in the 4400 block of Homestead Drive in Lower Nazareth Township, Northampton County.

"We had some friends over and families were here and we were out in the back by the pool," said homeowner Tim Bernier.

The early evening party almost turned deadly, when a young girl found the boy under water.

"The girl she looked down and he was face down and she pulled him out," said Bernier.

"I heard a scream from over there," said neighbor Timothy Walters. "I knew it wasn't a play scream. They were scared."

Walters was about to go swimming with his own children when he heard the scream.

The retired New York City firefighter ran over, looked at the child and started CPR.

Walters said the boy wasn't breathing and was totally blue.

The first compressions didn't work, but Walters kept working.

"Laid him back down," said Walters. "We got some more water out, adjusted his head and I tried to get some air into him again. We were successful. I got the air through, I was watching the chest rise and I knew we were good."

Police and EMS crews arrived around 7:20 p.m. Sunday and transported the boy, identified only as Joey, to the hospital.

The homeowner said Joey is in Lehigh Valley Hospital Cedar Crest in Salisbury Township, Lehigh County.

"He's fine," said Bernier. "He's at the hospital and he's eating, last we heard. So it should be a full recovery."

That was good news for Walters, who has a six-year-old boy of his own.

"I'm thinking this could be my son and it happened so quickly," said Walters. "I'm just so glad everything worked out and he is going to be all right."

Emergency service crews are urging people to talk to children and adults about swimming pool safety.

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