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Neighbors rally to help Bushkill Twp. family after fire

Neighbors rally to help Bushkill Twp. family after fire

BUSHKILL TWP., Pa. - Firefighters battled a massive fire and Mother Nature's wrath on Wednesday morning in Bushkill Township.

Crews were called to the home on Lahr Road around 9 a.m.

"I was fixing a cup of coffee. My mom was like 'oh my God'. There were flames coming from the back of the house. Flames were already starting to come out so I quickly tried to call 911," said Agnesa Lawlor, who lives nearby.

No one was injured in the fire, but the home was destroyed.

"When I got on scene, I saw smoke coming through the front door," said Bushkill Township Fire Chief Bryan Stahl.

Several fire departments were called to help, but the frigid temperatures made battling the blaze difficult.

"They have to be freezing and I give them a lot of credit for all that they do because it was very, very cold. I mean the water coming out of the hose was icing. It was terrible, but they did the best they could," Lawlor said.

Ben Miller heard the sirens Wednesday morning from his home in Nazareth. He logged on to Facebook shortly after and saw pictures of the devastating fire. An ex-firefighter himself, Miller couldn't help but think of the men fighting the fire in the frigid cold.

"When that fire started it was one degree, with a -12 wind chill factor. They didn't hesitate. They jumped in their vehicles, the fire trucks and took off," Miller said.

But Miller isn't giving himself the credit he deserves, because he jumped into action too.

"They are the heroes. I'm just a guy raising money, you know?" Miller said.

Miller created the "Nazareth Community Supports the Victims of the Bushkill Township Fire" Facebook page to help raise money for the family-of-five that lost its home, and everything in it. Miller never met the family, but felt he should help.

"I try to help where I can," Miller said.

Donation containers will be placed at several business locations throughout the Nazareth area starting on Thursday for people to donate money.

Checks can also be made out to Robin Gregus and sent to 181 Tewksbury Ct., Nazareth Pa 18064.

For more information on how and where to donate, visit the Facebook page.

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