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New school year means new dress code for Allentown schools

New school year means new dress code for Allentown schools

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Students in the Allentown School District are starting a new year with a new dress code.

Classes resumed Tuesday amid a sea of khakis and polos.

But not everyone followed the new rules.

Allentown School District Superintendent Russell Mayo tells us staff will have to look at the belts some students are wearing to make sure they are in compliance.

A district spokesperson says around 99% of the students were in uniform.

Students at Union Terrace Elementary were wearing all the right colors: white, light blue, and navy.

"The kids look really neat," said Mayo. "At least the ones I see coming to school in their uniforms."

The change to uniforms had been discussed in the Allentown School District for over a year.

Parents received robo-calls and flyers informing them about the change before the first day.

"I think it's good for all the kids, all around," said parent, Kimberly Williams. "I think they feel more comfortable, better safe environment I think for them. I think it's going to be cost effective as well for the parents."

Mayo says the district hopes to accomplish two things by implementing uniforms.

Saving money for parents, and creating a business-like atmosphere in schools.

"A sincere honest approach to education without a lot of showing off of what we are wearing, who we're trying to keep up with, what group we are trying to be a part of," said Mayo.

Many of the parents love the idea of uniforms.

"Because I don't have worry about figuring out what he is going to wear," said Asia Reyes.

But the reviews are mixed with students.

Some say they like wearing their favorite colors.

Others are worried about being cut from the same cloth.

"Because I don't want to look like anybody else," said a student. "It's just horrible, I don't like it."

Mayo tells us for the first few days, discipline will be flexible for students not in uniform.

The key will be to see if students are not wearing them because they don't like the uniform or if they are not wearing the uniform because of a financial hardship.

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