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Northampton County resident, PPL at odds over removal of trees

Tree removal dispute

MOORE TWP., Pa. - Since last year PPL has stepped up its efforts to give power lines a bigger buffer from trees so massive power outages don't happen during severe weather. Work to clear trees is underway right now in Northampton County. One property owner tells 69 News that crews came through and left his land in complete disarray.

"This isn't what they said they were going to do and how they were going to treat the property," explained Charles Rush.

The Moore Township man is agitated. He says just this week contracted workers cut down nearly 40 trees on his property.

"Besides taking down our pine trees that were 49 to 51 feet off the line, they took multiple trees down in the back and have left nothing but a mess back there."

Rush tells us the electric company has no right to destroy his land.

"There's branches all over, there's trees down," he described.

We reached out to PPL and a spokesperson says Rush asked to keep some of the timber for firewood. But he says the large trunks and limb debris left behind is not what the company explained would happen.

"They would cut the wood up into firewood length," Rush shared. "They asked me if I wanted the hardwoods left behind, which we have a wood stove, so I said yeah I would keep it."

On its website PPL writes "larger wood is generally cut into handling lengths and left at the base of the tree." Rush points out that was done on nearby properties that also had trees cut down.

"They actually stacked the wood nicely like they're supposed to, they stacked the branches."

After several phone calls and finally reaching out to his State Representative, Rush says he did speak with PPL. The power company says workers will return to clean up the piles of wooden waste. But Rush has reached out to a lawyer just in case.

"I'm hoping they come back and clean it up like they're supposed to."

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