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Officials: Negotiations stall, Saucon teachers union dumps negotiating team

HELLERTOWN, Pa. - Going on two years of working without a contract, the Saucon Valley teachers union has dumped its negotiating team and hired an independent attorney to represent them in contract negotiations with board of education, school district officials said.

According to information on the Saucon Valley School District website, the Saucon Valley Education Association decided to replace both its negotiating team and their Pennsylvania State Education serve representative.

The independent attorney, Andrew Muir, will represent the union in negotiating a collective bargaining agreement.

The district's 185 teachers have been working without a new contract since June 2012. On Feb. 24, they rejected a tentative agreement that had been reached on Jan. 30 between the school district and their negotiating team.

School officials say they have been advised by the union's new attorney not to communicate directly with the union or its leaders.

"At this time, no date has been set to resume negotiations, but we will inform residents when the process resumes," school officials said in a statement posted on the district website.

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