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Palin visits fans, signs autographs in Bethlehem Twp.

Palin in Bethlehem Twp.

BETHLEHEM TWP., Pa. - More than 700 people came out to see Sarah Palin at a Barnes and Noble store in Northampton County.

Palin launched a book tour in Bethlehem Township for her new book called "Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas," which went on sale Tuesday.

She signed copies of the book at the store on Freemansburg Avenue Tuesday night. Her husband, Todd, was with her.

Palin wanted to start the tour near a city with connections to Christmas and Bethlehem is known as the Christmas City.

Throughout the day, people stopped by Barnes and Noble to purchase the book and get numbered wristbands to come back in the evening to get her signature at the book signing event. People were called into the store in groups based on the number on their wristband.

"She's so real and so genuine, what a pleasure to meet her," said Gwen Flynn of Palmer Township.

"I just love her, can't help it, she's my inspiration, she's my role model and she means a lot to me," said Cedar Crest College student Emily Baxter.

Madeline Young, also a Cedar Crest College student, said, "She was really personable, she asked what my name was, where I went to school."

Tom Domerski of Forks Township said, "I just moved into Pennsylvania about a year ago from right outside of metropolitan New York so things like that are happening all the time and for it to happen right here was kind of exciting for us."

Amanda Grima, 14, said "I feel that Sarah Palin is a very good feminine role model. She has a lot of kids and I want to grow up to be like her one day."

69 News spoke with eager people Tuesday afternoon before the event.

"We need more people like her in this country," said Joy Harrington of Andover, New Jersey.

Her husband, Tom, said, "She's really a conservative woman and I like the way she talks to the press."

Frederick Klepeiss of Bethlehem was more interested in the celebrity factor. He said, "Sarah Palin is a pretty transforming figure. I'm a Democrat but how often do you get someone of her notoriety to come to the Lehigh Valley?"

Carolee Kipp of Muhlenberg Twp., Berks Co., said, "Just to be able to see her, perhaps say hello, shake her hand and it will be just a thrill for me to see her in person."

Patti Lyons is a Sarah Palin impersonator from Chester County. Even she was hoping to get a chance to see Palin.

"For about the past three years, I haven't done it in a few months, I have been impersonating Sarah nationwide. In fact I was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno," said Lyons.

"I have a great picture of she and I in my office with the signature red jackets on," Lyons added. "Here was an opportunity to only drive a couple of hours and get another opportunity to get a picture with Sarah."

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