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Parents anxiously wait for students at Liberty High School

Parents anxiously wait for students at Liberty High School

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Many parents waited hours just to see and hug their children after hearing about a lock down Wednesday at Liberty High School in Bethlehem.

Some communicated by text, but that still didn't ease their fears.

Parents said it was a call they never expected.

"It's very scary," said Dawn Smith. "My worst nightmare. Never expected this in Bethlehem."

As mothers and fathers rushed from home and work, their only communication was via text message.

"He just said that they saw the SWAT team, and I guess they are in a different part of the building than where he is at," said Shelia Diaz, after rushing to the scene from work.

Some parents said they didn't text on purpose.

"In this situation, you have to think about the safety of your child and are you going to put him at risk," said Jennifer Holland, as she waited for her son.

Finally, after seeing armed police walk the rooftops, some got a reassuring word.

"She said, 'Mommy, I'm OK. I love you,'" said Lisa Trinidad, whose daughter told 69 News that some students were scared because they didn't have cell service.

"It got pretty intense. A lot of people were really worried about everything," said Marilee Ortiz.

Once parents were reunited with their children, it helped ease the fears.

"I feel very relieved and happy that she is next to me right now," said Trinidad.

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