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Parents learn ways to help stop cyber bullying

Parents learn ways to help stop cyber bullying

Internet safety and cyber bullying are serious issues facing today's teenagers. Cell phones, computers, and countless social media sites can mean trouble for teens.

An internet safety and cyber bullying information session at Dieruff High School in Allentown Wednesday night educated adults and students about those topics.

Technology is constantly updating and giving teenagers more outlets to become cyber bullies or victims.

"A lot of the new social media sites, they're posting pictures, posting videos, people could comment, cyber bullying that way, it's easy for kids to make anonymous profiles," said Ashley Campanicki with the Crime Victims Council of the Lehigh Valley, who spoke at the session. "Kids can now screen shot things that someone else might send to them, send that out."

"Every time I got out I hear something new that's going on," Campanicki added, who is an outreach educator.

Student Angela Yowakim said, "People are judged from their clothes to anything little and if they don't like it they post it or they text about it or they tweet about it."

"I don't think any of us knew how often it's a problem," said Danielle Horn, an English teacher at Dieruff who organized the event as part of her leadership certification. "Always just be aware of what you put online and your picture is always out there if you put it on Twitter or on Facebook."

"One of the most important things that I've learned today and through our other cyber bullying workshops is GPS. Little simple pictures on your phone can be transmitted anywhere and they can figure out where you took that picture," said Jessica Martin, an outreach worker at Dieruff who brought her teenage daughter to the information session.

Campanicki reminds parents of how critical it is to monitor the sites your kids visit, know the access they have, and have rules.

She also added, "Make them feel that they're comfortable to talk to you about this, talk to them about it so then they feel that they can talk to you about it as well."

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