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Parents struggle with snow days

Parents struggle with snow days

All the snowfall as well as the cold weather has been causing students around our region to miss school.

For mom, Alexandra Batista, Monday's snow day has been the first time all winter she hasn't had to call work.

"The office where I work out of closed because of the snow, usually we're open," she said.

So Batista and her two kids Mikael, 18, and Emma, 7, spent their day playing in the snow but she says things never work out as smoothly.

"It's very frustrating because I don't like calling out at all. I usually don't, this winter is the first one where I'm calling out constantly," she said.

The extra snow days are also worrisome for Mikael who's due to graduate in the spring from William Allen High School.

"The vacation times that we were going to have off, now we're going to have to stay in school instead of having the vacation times and it's just going to make everything more longer in the summer," he said.

A possible delay which could also put a dent in a planned family vacation.

"I'm supposed to take him for his graduation gift, I'm supposed to take him to Puerto Rico that's where he wants to go. So we're supposed to go in June, not sure if that's going to happen because of all these snow days, so most likely July if that's going to be his last day of school," said Batista.

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