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PennDOT equipment operator shares his experience

PennDOT equipment operator shares his experience

Road crews were working around the clock to clear roads throughout the region from beneath several inches of snow.

PennDOT crews consider this storm "small potatoes" compared to other storms they have dealt with in the past.

Jeff Narvaez, a 30-year equipment operator for PennDOT, has been clearing out tons of snow from behind the wheel every winter.

"It's fun pushing the big snow a little bit. The bigger storms are more fun than the smaller storms," he said.

Traveling down memory lane, Narvaez said, "I think it would've been like was it '94 or '96 when it was every Saturday and Wednesday that we had a major snow storm."

The crew told 69 News that when conditions get really bad and the roads are closed due to drifting, they bring out the v-plow which attaches to a six-wheel drive grader that can push snow piles up to eight feet high.

Road crews also said it is challenging trying to clear the roads as well as look out for passing motorists at the same time.

They advise drivers to definitely make sure their headlights are on during bad weather.

They also remind drivers to drive a little slower and give the crew a chance to do their job.

Even after the snow stops, the crew usually still has work to do.

They bring out salt to apply on the road ways and do a complete clean up.

Crew members like Narvaez work long hours on days like these. His shift on Tuesday ran from noon to midnight.

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