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PennDOT working through the night to clear snow from roads

PennDOT working through the night to clear snow from roads

It was another busy day for PennDOT crews and they'll work through the night Monday into Tuesday morning.

"Our crews are going to be out well into the morning hours until tomorrow really cleaning up the roadways also getting ready for any future storms," PennDOT Spokesperson Sean Brown told 69 News. "Our trucks will be out all night. We need to clean and clear all the state-owned roadways so some of your back roads, your more rural roads that see less traffic, they're going to be getting addressed."

Brown said Monday's snow was mostly a plowing operation. Drivers and passengers who had been on the roads Monday evening said they were getting around well for the most part.

"Good so far, clear, smooth sailing," said Luis Ortiz. "I don't know how it's going to be in the morning but hopefully it'll be fine."

Gregory Johnson said, "The roads are passable, they're a little bit slushy , a little slippery, but you take your time, you'll get to where you want to go at."

" We were inside today so we thought we would take the four wheel drive out and see how the roads were. Some were better than others but we were pleasantly surprised by most of them," said Jessie Heimann, who was the passenger as her husband drove. "309 was fine but we were on Lehigh Street and not so great, we had to put it into four wheel drive to get it out of the Perkins where we went to eat tonight."

While road crews will work into the morning, Brown said it's important for drivers to take their time and slow down during the morning commute.

"Regardless, roads aren't going to be 100 percent, even if our crews are out there, roads aren't going to be perfect," said Brown.

Crews will plow where needed in the morning, said Brown, and lay down salt in areas where there are concerns of freezing.

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