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People brave high heat, humidity

People brave high heat, humidity

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Like it or not, the heat is on.

The area hasn't seen temperatures this high in more than nine months, but that didn't keep people from getting outside to enjoy different activities at Lehigh Parkway on Wednesday.

"We went on a six-mile run out here," said Austin Mckale of Reading. "It was really hot, and I'm really tired now." 

"Could definitely feel the heat, feel like I got some sunburn," added Danielle Rushing of Reading.

The runners said they tried to stay in the shade, and they took water breaks.

While many people were moving under the sun, others had a cooler idea and sat under an umbrella along the water. Some braved the heat with high hopes.

"I rode all the way from Hanover, by the Hanover Bridge, all the way over here to go fishing, so hopefully I catch something and hopefully the heat's not too much for me," said Jorge Rivas of Allentown, who rode his bike.

Andre Barbosa of Allentown also went fishing.

"It's really hot, it's really hot, a little bit hotter than normal, but sometimes you just want to get out and enjoy the weather," he said.

That's just what people did. Whether they ran, biked, walked or fished, there were no complaints.

"I thought it was just going to be cold all year long. I'm just glad that it finally warmed up," said Barbosa.

"It's good. It's good to have this weather," Rivas added as he wiped his face with a towel.

"This is what I like, man. After this past winter, this is not polar vortex, this is summertime, baby," said one man who was walking.

While the official start of summer isn't until Saturday, it certainly feels like it already.

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