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Phantoms fans not fazed by snow, ice

VIDEO: Phantom fans brave the cold

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Neither snow nor slush nor piles nor slick parking lots could keep Phantoms fans from getting to the game.

"Never missed a game. I absolutely love it," Kim Rodriguez of Raubsville tells us.

"Gotta support, gotta support," adds Allentown resident Jeff Carson.

So despite snow still piled up on corners and in parking lots, determined fans tip-toed around patches of the ice outside to get to the ice inside.

And while their team hit the ice, city crews were out trying to break it up, to help keep fans from slipping.

Parking decks were the most popular choice, but even though the lots were still partially snow-covered and the streets lined high with snow, like their team, Phantoms fans know how to maneuver in a tight spot.

We found the "creative parkers", who made up spaces and somehow managed to 'fit' cars in between massive piles of snow.

Then there were the "smart parkers" - who just didn't park!

"Uber!" Fans Jeff Carson and Rick Malinowski said, "Yeah, we didn't want to deal with any of this, any of the parking, so Uber was the way to go!"

But if you've got a Jeep and some bold courage, you could become the "rugged" parker, the guy who drove hood-first into the snowbank and parked.

The "easy-does-it parker" is probably more like the rest of us. Those are the drivers who parallel parked on the road, gently pushed the door open, and prayed they wouldn't slip trying to gingerly move around the 3-foot bank on the driver's side of the car.

Then there are the fans who simply laugh in the face of Mother Nature.

Joe Dougherty wore his green Jersey (St. Patrick's Day's coming, he said) without a coat.

His reasoning was simple; "I don't want to wear a jacket into the game because it's too much to find a place to put a jacket inside." He gestures with his hands. Under the seat? Next to him? he seems to motion.

His wife Jill doesn't get it.

"It's dumb to wear short sleeve because it's freezing cold outside!" She laughs, before telling us she "loves him…what are you gonna do?"

The couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Tuesday, yes, in the middle of the snowstorm.

Short sleeved, bundled up, or Phantom proud, these fans all have one thing in common - the snow wasn't going to keep them from getting to their game.

That, you can bank on.

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