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Pilots fear unknown outcomes of Braden Airpark's possible sale

Fate of local airpark still unknown

In a Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority board meeting held here Tuesday it was announced that both Forks Township and Lafayette College passed on running Braden.

This now leaves the door open for the land to be sold to developers.

Last August plane mechanic David Parry returned to Braden Airpark after operator Moyer Aviation took off.

"Pilots were left here without maintenance so it was my decision to come back and help," Parry said.

Now it's Parry, along with the rest of Braden Airpark's pilots who need help, at least if they want to stay.

"We shouldn't draw conclusions just yet it just means we have less options than we previously did.

Executive Director of the Lehigh Northampton Airport Authority Charles Everett after he told the board both Lafayette College and Forks Township passed on wanting to run Braden."

"We are trying to establish dialogue with Northampton County. There maybe some interest there," Everett.

Even so, Everett says the time has come for the authority to gauge interest in selling off the airpark, and is sending out "request for proposals" to developers.

The sale would help pay for the authority's $16 million in court fees, however Braden isn't going away without a fight.

The Authority is also still considering a bid from Braden pilots to lease the airpark.

"No one wants to close an airport but all options are open at this time," Everett added.

"As for Parry he's trying to stay positive but is concerned," Parry said.

"These small airports slowly starting to disappear.one by one. It's a family atmosphere everyone knows everyone. Hate to see something like this go," Parry said.

Earlier this year, the authority agreed to a six month moratorium on selling or closing the airport. The authority gave itself until October to make a decision.

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