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Police: Bethlehem father tries to press son's face onto hot stove

Police: Bethlehem father tries to press son's face onto hot stove

BETHLEHEM, Pa. - An alleged case of domestic violence was so extreme Thursday in the 900 block of Vermont Street in Bethlehem, that according to police, it sent a mother, father and their 17-year-old son to the hospital.

The father, 43-year-old Wilson Ramos, then ended up behind bars.

Police Chief Mark Diluzio says it all started when Ramos, who was allegedly drunk, hit the mother across the face.

When their teenage son stepped in to protect her police say Ramos turned against him.

The 17-year-old told police Ramos punched him repeatedly in the face and the back of the head and even tried to push his face against a hot burner on top of the kitchen stove.

"What is extreme about it is the amount of violence. There's the father who was choking the son attempting to burn his face on the stove, he also assaulted the mother and the son in self defense hit the father with a baseball bat also," said Diluzio.

Diluzio says the mother has been issued the paperwork to get a protective order against Ramos and hopes she follows through.

For now, Ramos remains behind bars in Northampton County prison, he has been unable to post bail.

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