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Police bust meth lab in Hellertown

Police bust meth lab in Hellertown; several people arrested

HELLERTOWN, Pa. - Police have closed down an alleged methamphetamine lab in Northampton County.

The county drug task force and the state clandestine lab response team executed a warrant Tuesday morning to search 166 Main St. in Hellertown.

As a result, officials said four people, including a woman and her son, were arrested on 11 counts related to the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

"Just a bunch of people running around, going in and out of the house, tables were set up," said neighbor Jean Cressman.

"People come here and not even turn off their engine and go in. They aren't stopping for a cup of coffee," said Harry Grammes.

The suspects were identified by authorities as Nick Reynolds, Chad Hummer, Lindsey Zacot and Joan Hummer.

Meth isn't new to Hellertown. The drug has made its way to Main Street before. In August 2011, police raided the apartments above Hero's Electronic Store.

"In this town, it's really not that uncommon," Cressman said.

A 12-year-old boy was also inside the home.

The four suspects are being held on $75,000 bail.

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