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Police: Children found in home busted for meth

Police: Children found in home busted for meth

LOWER SAUCON TWP., Pa. - Police in Hellertown say they've busted up a meth lab after a raid early Friday morning. Three people are behind bars, each facing 9 charges related to making to meth. Officers say when they stormed the home they found chemicals, drugs, and three children.

Lower Saucon Township police say they were watching the house on Railroad Lane for four months. Inside investigators say 26-year-old Amanda Bauder-Bowen, 21-year-old Samantha Cooke and 31-year-old Keith Hammerstone were making and selling meth.

"It's believable because this world has no morals in it," shared Nancy Chomitzky.

Bags of trash and children's toys cover the lawn after a raid early Friday morning. Over the phone, family members tell us the three kids living inside were all under the age of seven, and right now they just want to get them from county custody. Residents say they're not surprised a meth lab was operating nearby.

"I cannot believe that grown-ups would subject children to something like that," Chomitzky added.

According to her mom, Amanda had just moved into the house about two months ago, and was trying to find somewhere else to live with her two children.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time cops have busted up a meth lab in Hellertown. Back in August four people were arrested for allegedly cooking the drug on Main Street.

"We just need to clean this garbage up," said Chomitzky. "But it seems like a losing battle."

All three suspects are being held in Northampton County Prison on $75,000 bail. Preliminary hearings have been set for two weeks.

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