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Police: Edward Novasak crashed car, assaulted man

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Police in Allentown said a man is responsible for a series of crashes and then a brutal assault.

According to officials, Edward Novasak, 37, slammed into several cars Sunday morning before beating up a man inside a Chew Street home.

Police said Novasak's two children were in the car when it all happened.

It started in the 1000 block of Turner Street around 11:00 a.m., when according to police, Novasak rear-ended a car and continued driving.

Police said another driver witnessed the crash and called authorities while following Novasak down the street.

According to officials, Novasak then drove to the 200 block of North Sixth Street. That's where he allegedly hit a parked car.

Police said Novasak still didn't stop and continued his journey to the 600 block of Chew Street.

That's where 63-year-old Felix Rios lives.

According to police, Novasak got out of his car and left his two daughters, ages four and 12, inside.

Police said Novasak was on a mission to get to Rios.

Rios tells 69 News that he had just returned from the grocery store. He was putting away groceries, when he said a man he barely knows came up from behind and punched him repeatedly.

"He just punched me. I hit the floor," Rios said.

Rios said the fight when on for quite some time, before a police officer came in and pulled Novasak off of him.

"It went on for 7 to 8 minutes. He must have hit me thirty times," Rios said.

Rios travels mostly by his motorized scooter and said it wasn't a fair fight. 

"I don't have any strength. I'm an old man, a sick old man," Rios said.

As for why Novasak allegedly came barreling into his apartment, Rios said that's a mystery he's still trying to figure out.

Police said it was an act of revenge all over $50.

Even though he has numerous bumps and bruises, Rios said he was lucky because an officer wasn't far behind.

He called that officer his Father's Day hero.

Novasak is currently behind bars and facing child endangerment, simple assault, and DUI charges. 

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