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Police: Lehigh County man stabbed half-brother to death

Police: Man accused stabbing brother to death

SOUTH WHITEHALL, Pa. - A quiet suburban neighborhood in Lehigh County turned into a crime scene Saturday, after police said a man stabbed his half-brother to death during an alcohol-fueled argument.

The suspect stabbed his half-brother multiple times during an argument after a night of drinking, South Township police said.

As detectives collected evidence, neighbors along Leh Street were stunned to hear what happened next door.

"Never. Never has this ever happened," neighbor Donna Seng said. "This is the scariest thing that's ever happened."

According to investigators, the stabbing started after a night of drinking at a friend's house at 1521 Leh Street. Cory Maletsky, 23, is now charged with stabbing his half-brother four times, killing him.

Police say Maletsky and the victim, Chris Lloyd, 31, got into some sort of fight there after 3 a.m. Saturday.

Maletsky claimed his half-brother was attacking him -- that Lloyd was trying to choke him and was punching him in the face.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Maletsky told police, "At that point I felt I was in danger of serious bodily injury. I pulled a knife [from a sheath in his boot] and Chris sustained two wounds to the stomach area."

According to investigators, Lloyd was stabbed four times.

"That's a shame," said Paul Miller, who lives next door to the house. "I know the families, both of them."

Maletsky does not appear to have a criminal record. Lloyd recently completed a state rehab program after a drunk driving arrest.

So far, authorities are not saying what the fight was about. Longtime neighbors said the area is an extremely quiet neighborhood where violence of any kind is almost non-existent.

"It doesn't make sense," Seng said.

Miller added: "We never had anything. Geez, no."

A Lehigh Co. magistrate formally charged Maletsky with criminal homicide Saturday afternoon. He is in the Lehigh Co. Prison with no bond allowed.

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