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Police: Man shoots, kills pit bull

Allentown woman says shooting was unprovoked.

Police: Man shoots, kills pit bull

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - An aggressive dog on the loose or an unprovoked attack on an innocent pet?

An Allentown woman is demanding answers after a man shot and killed her dog on Wednesday.

Patricia Weston's front porch on North Third Street is still stained with blood.

"[My dog] limped all the way up here and she just fell right over here, and she was just bleeding out," said Weston.

Weston said "Kima" was just two days away from her fifth birthday.

"She's a friendly dog," said Weston. "Everybody in the neighborhood knows her. She runs around all the time playing with the kids and stuff."

Here's what we do know: Kima ran out her front door Wednesday afternoon, where she encountered a man on the street. After that, things get murky.

Weston's daughter claimed the man pulled out a gun -- unprovoked.

"My dog got out and she was sniffing the grass, and then he pulled out his gun and he shot her three times," said Weston's daughter, Briyanah Brockett. "She was just minding her own business."

Police aren't naming the trigger-man, but said he's telling a very different story.

He told officers that Kima first went after an elderly man, who had to fight her off with a cane. The senior citizen backs that story up, according to Assistant Chief George Medero with Allentown Police.

69 News spoke to the elderly man's nephew off-camera, who confirmed the account but also downplayed how aggressive the dog was.

Madero confirmed that no one was actually bitten.

According to the assistant chief, other witnesses told investigators that Kima was not aggressive at all.

"The dog did not attack at all," said Khalinta Otts, who said she witnessed the entire incident. "When a dog attacks you, it growls. It will run to you; it will bark. It will do something. That dog didn't do anything."

Police and the Lehigh County District Attorney are still deciding whether to file charges because of the conflicting stories, said Madero.

He said police have custody of the gun.

For Kima's family there are conflicting emotions.

"Heartbroken, because she was my dog and I had her for awhile and I loved her," said Brockett.

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