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Police: Nazareth pair viciously attacked bar employees who wouldn't sell them beer

Bar employees attacked in Nazareth

NAZARETH, Pa. - Two people are behind bars after police say they attacked bar employees who wouldn't sell them beer after hours.

Officials say Casey Hoffman, 22, and Brian Petix, 31, both of Nazareth, have been charged with assault, harrassment and other charges.

Police say the pair went to the American Hotel on South Main Street in Nazareth around 2:00 Sunday morning. Officials say they tried to buy a six-pack of beer, but were told by employees that the bar was closed.

Police say Petix and Hoffman got angry, and threatened employees and damaged the bar before leaving.

Investigators say the two waited outside the business, and Hoffman reportedly tried to enter the bar by kicking and punching the door, and hitting it with a studded metal belt. Police say she was yelling at the employees to come out and fight.

When one of the employees, Mark Peterson, left, police say he was attacked by Petix, who punched him numerous times, causing severe injuries to his head and face. Police say Peterson had to get stitches on both sides of his face, and temporarily lost vision in his left eye after it filled with blood.

The victim's daughter, Kelly Peterson, who also works at the American Hotel, left a short time after her father. Police say she was attacked by Hoffman, who punched her and whipped her with the studded belt.

Police say the incident was captured by surveillance cameras.

Petix and Hoffman are both held on $35,000 bail.

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