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Police officer honored by victims of home invasion

Police officer honored by victims of home invasion

WASHINGTON TWP., Pa. - A Northampton County officer is being hailed a hero by a family who claims his gut instinct saved their lives.

Back in April, two robbers stormed into a home in Washington Township and tied up three people inside.

But when a police officer showed up unannounced, the bandits took off running and the victims were let free.

The three victims acknowledged the officers who helped them on that night at Wednesday's Washington Township Board of Supervisors meeting.

Geraldine Petry said she has nothing by sincere gratitude for the men who saved her family that night.

More specifically, she credits officer Scott Miller.

"If he had not acted on his primal instincts, sensing the danger we were in, I am certain all three would have been duct-taped and killed," Petry said.

Geraldine, her husband James, and a cousin were bound, taped, and trapped inside their home April 30.

"It was terrifying because you felt very helpless," Petry said.

Police say two men posed as homebuyers the day before and returned to raid the home on Delaware Road.

When two men showed up that day, the Petry's sensed danger and called police.

But Officer Miller did more than just answer their call. He answered their prayers.

"By Divine intervention we are still here…If it weren't for Officer Scott Miller and his intuition and the hair on his neck, we may be talking a different story today," Petry said.

Miller had received a call from dispatch to call the Petry's back. He tried calling twice, and when they didn't answer, he decided to check on them.

"Based on my time with them the night before and their concerns, I actually drove out to the house and that's when I was able to intercept the home invasion," Miller said.

When he arrived, he heard screams for help before the two men took off running.

Miller chased after them and called for backup.

Police arrested and charged Ramon Clark and Steven Tomino in connection with the case.

Clark was arrested that day after a chase, and Tomino turned himself in three weeks later.

The two men are behind bars and facing charges, much to the Petry's relief.

"I can sleep at night," Petry said.

The Petry's said they know now that heroes really do exist. They said all of the officers who responded that night are heroes in their eyes.

"When you are young you have these heroes in the movies. Superman, Spider-Man...Well I'm no longer a kid at 72. But I too have my heroes. However, they are true, living, and breathing," Petry said.

But Miller was quick to return the word…saying the Petry's are the true heroes.

"She persevered, her and her husband, and they are living their life to the fullest again," Miller said.

The one thing they can all agree on, though, is always trust your gut.

"When the hair on your neck stands up, pay attention to it," Petry said.

"Trust your gut instinct and follow up on it," Miller said.

Petry also thanked officer Jim Krome, officer Brian Kaiser, and officer Mark Gwozdz, in addition to the other departments that responded.

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