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Political analyst on Pawlowski getting out of race

Political analyst on Pawlowski getting out of race

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Sources say Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski is pulling out of the race for governor. Sources say he will make the announcement Monday and endorse Pennsylvania State Treasurer Rob McCord.

A political analyst offered insight into why Pawlowski might make that decision now.

"For Mayor Pawlowski it was probably very difficult to raise the type of revenue that would make him a very solid player in terms of getting his name recognition built up and to get his message out about what he's done in Allentown," said Chris Borick, Director of the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion and a political science professor. "It's a very crowded Democratic field this year, there's about eight candidates in the race, some of them that are going to have much more by the way of financial resources."

"For his political career at this point it's probably better to pull out at this point in the race, say you gave it a good shot, you did your very best to be competitive rather than stay in the whole race and maybe have an outcome that looks more embarrassing politically," Borick added.

Word of Pawlowski getting out of the race came the same day he delivered his State of the City address.

"As I travel across the state, the biggest economic success story in the state of Pennsylvania is the city of Allentown," Pawlowski said during his speech.

Borick said, "For a candidate like Ed Pawlowski, who's a mayor of the third largest city in the state, the idea that you would hang around the race just to be part of it is probably not in his interest."

Borick said when someone steps aside in a race and throws support behind another candidate, that could lead to some new opportunities down the road. Pawlowski and McCord are expected to make an announcement Monday at 11 a.m.

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