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PPL Crews continue 'round-the-clock work to restore electricity

Crews continue 'round-the-clock work to restore electricity

LEHIGH TWP., Pa. - It's another evening in the dark for some of Hurricane Irene's victims.

The power's been out for some people for nearly a week now.

Crews are doing what they can but some of the jobs are tougher than others.

PPL crews make their way over a river and through woods just to get to some telephone poles in Lehigh Township, Northampton county
"There's several spans of wire down and something like this is going to take us at least into the night," said PPL Foreman Patrick O'Brien.

Eight people all moving towards one goal, restoring power to this 911 communications tower used by Northampton County emergency service workers.  

The job presents many problems. 

Crews need to replace six spans of wire.

They also have to cut trees off of power lines, fix broken cross arms, and replace insulators.

"A situation like this, these guys, this bulldozer clears this path. They're putting up wire, energizing it up to that point and then they're going back and continuing the work," said O'Brien.

While these crew members know they will be working into the night, O'Brien says the priority list was set up this way.

"It shows one customer to us in our system and we are going by the highest customer counts down to the lowest customer counts," he said,.

You hear a lot of talk about customers.  An electric customer is basically one meter site, so for instance an apartment building with a lot of people in it is one meter site.

Just like this piece of land with a radio tower is one customer.

Crews were assigned to put restore power to customers that  affected the most people first, that's why this job was not started until Thursday.

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