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Preparations for Sunday's snow

Preparations for Sunday's snow

Spring is three weeks away, but Old Man Winter wants to hang around as long as he can. PennDOT says its crews are ready for the bad weather headed our way.

"It's unclear what type of event and how big it's going to be" explained PennDOT Spokesperson Ron Young.

We've already had at least 18 snow storms this winter, and nearly 37 inches in February alone. But PennDOT is prepared for another round. Crews already know they will most likely be working Sunday through Wednesday.

"Our operators will be on 12 hour shifts," said Young. "Twelve hours on and 12 hours off."

Most workers will tell you they prefer just snow to fall, they can attack it better and get the roads cleared off sooner.

"If it's a mix of ice or a mix of freezing rain involved with it then you have to use a lot more salt," Young added.

Contracted drivers are currently hauling 20,000 tons of extra road salt into the state, 8,000 of it will be split between Lehigh, Northampton and Monroe counties. So they're not worried they won't have enough, but an ice event will burn through a lot of the stockpile.

"You could go treat an area, plow it, salt it, and freezing rain comes down and could freeze that area back up pretty quickly," described Young.

One thing you may not see this time around is pre-treating. Officials say many roads across the region are good to go, the ones that aren't won't be hit with liquid brine until about 24-hours ahead of the storm.

"There's a lot of residual salt residue on the roadways already from previous storms," said Young.

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