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President Trump unveils $1.15 trillion budget

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump has unveiled a $1.15 trillion budget, a far-reaching overhaul of federal government spending that slashes many domestic programs to finance a significant increase in the military and make a down payment on a U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Trump's proposal seeks to upend Washington with cuts to long-promised campaign targets like foreign aid and the Environmental Protection Agency as well as strong congressional favorites such as medical research, help for homeless veterans and community development grants.

Officials with the Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley have expressed concern that Trump's proposed elimination of the Community Services Block Grant would cause the organization to close. 

President Trump also requested $11.6 billion for the Interior Department's Fiscal Year 2018 budget. 

The $54 billion boost for the military is the largest since President Ronald Reagan's Pentagon buildup in the 1980s. It promises immediate money for troop readiness, the fight against Islamic State militants and procurement of new ships, fighter jets and other weapons.

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