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Presidential debate sparks debate among Lehigh Valley residents

Debate Winner?

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - So who do you think won round one of the presidential debates?

A lot of people are saying Mitt Romney came out on top and President Obama didn't fight hard enough.

Two political gladiators fighting to be the leader of the free world.
"I'm not looking for a five trillion dollar tax cut." said Mitt Romney, Republican candidate, during the debate. "What I said is I won't put in place a tax cut that adds to the deficit.

"I was actually surprised by Romney," said King Adjei-Frimpong, a worker in Center Valley. "I was very surprised. I thought he was composed. He did seem a little testy."
"I think Mitt Romney carried himself better than the President Barack Obama," added Bridget Younes, a Bethlehem resident.

While many agree that Romney may have won the first of three presidential debates.
Some feel it's not because the Republican candidate was stronger, but because the President didn't press the issues.
"I think that President Obama could have been stronger in changing the direction of the debate," said Alison Bessesdotter, a Lehigh Valley resident.

Debates don't usually sway many voters.
That seems to be true of the people we spoke, but at least one person is open to being persuaded.
"Politicians have a way of changing their stance as time goes on so I'm looking for consistency," said Adjei-Frimpong.

Everyone says they are looking forward to the next debate on October 16th.
"I hope that it will be better," said Bessesdotter. "I hope that President Obama will come out and be stronger and more forceful. Really let people know what is on his mind."

"The first debate is out of the way," said Adjei-Frimpong. "They've tested each other, they're faced each other, so I only expect it to get better."

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