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Procedure offers fast face-lift without surgery, high cost

Procedure offers fast face-lift without surgery, high cost

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - For most people, getting a little nip and tuck is either too scary or too expensive.

A new procedure, however, is giving some people face-lift results at a fraction of the cost, and there is no surgery involved.

It's the hottest thing in plastic surgery, minus the surgery. Ultherapy is the first FDA approved non-surgical face-lift.

Hollywood has been buzzing about it for awhile. Now, it's in the Lehigh Valley.

"It is resetting your facial aging clock, so if it brings you back five years, you can expect those results to last approximately five years," said Dr. Samina Wahhab, a plastic surgeon.

Janine Watkins said she is totally against going under the knife but saw the ultrasound procedure as a way to get the same results.

"This is not plastic surgery, I am not altering my appearance. I am just enhancing what I naturally have," said Watkins, 50.

Ideal candidates, Wahhab said, have concerns about sagging jowls, neck and eyebrows or puffiness under the eyes. The first question many ask is does it hurt.

"If you have gotten your legs waxed, I would liken it to that," said Watkins.

Wahhab said some of her patients get the procedure done over their lunch hour and then go back to work and no one is the wiser.

"There is no down time," said Wahhab. "A lot of people want to go out to dinner that evening because they have some initial skin tightening."

It depends on what you want done, but the procedure can range from $250 up to $5,000, said Wahhab, who added that technology, like ultherapy, is transforming the field of plastic surgery by offering more painless and cheaper options to patients.

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