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Repair shop lets customers watch their cars being worked on

Repair shop lets customers watch their cars being worked on

NORTH CATASAUQUA, Pa. - It's a way to put customers' minds at ease while their car is being worked on.

A local body shop has a "watch your car" feature on its website, and it's gotten rave reviews.

At one time or another, a lot of people need to get a dent repaired on their car. For years, there was only one way to check on the status of your vehicle.

"They would just call us and ask us how their car is doing and we would update them or try to call them," said Rich Daku, vice president of Daku's Auto Body.

Now, picking up the phone is a thing of the past at Daku's Auto Body shop in North Catasauqua, Lehigh Co. The business offers a way to "watch your car."

"I don't think there are a lot of shops that do it," added Daku. "But we've been doing it and it's part of our daily routine anymore and it's what the customer gets."

Employees walk around the shop with an iPhone or iPad, snap pictures, then upload the pictures to the shop's website.

Customers can then log on and look up their assigned job number and see everything that is going on.

All the work is handled though an app, and owners said it's a way for people to keep track of their investment.

"Cars got nicer, fancier, their expectations is really high right now and we got to meet that. To stay in business, that's what you got to do," Daku said.

Uploading pictures is not the only new innovation at the shop. A few months ago, the shop enabled customers to sign up to get a text or email regarding their car's status.

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