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Residents fed up with violence in Wilson

Residents fed up with violence in Wilson Borough

WILSON BOROUGH, Pa. - A shooting in broad daylight is the last straw for one Northampton County community.

Some Wilson residents say they know who's to blame for the uptick in crime.

One man told us he actually went out and purchased a weapon to keep his family safe.

Police say they don't want a shoot out on the streets, but they do need the community's help.

Two men were shot Sunday afternoon in broad daylight.

Now Susan Counterman is standing on the corner of 15th and Washington streets, holding a sign and encouraging people to help take back the community.

"I want my block back," said Counterman. "I had to do something."

Many of the long-time residents on Washington Street witnessed the shooting, and Counterman even consoled a victim.

Many say the criminals are coming from New Jersey and  New York.

"You can afford a house out here for what you pay for one room where they're at," said Wilson Borough resident, Jose Ortiz. "So they come out here and they're selling drugs in a little quiet neighborhood. Whose going to look for them in good ole Easton Pennsylvania."

"They're coming up here and they're committing those crimes," said Steven Parkansky, Wilson Borough police chief. "It's hard for us as law enforcement to stop that from occurring."

Parkansky, says it is frustrating to see these crimes take place.

He says increasing patrols may help, but their is a better way to stop it.

"We need the community to get involved," added Parkansky.

Susan Counterman and others supporting her say this is just the first step.

They will be at borough meetings.

"People need to be there," said Adesh Odyssey. "The community needs to voice their opinion."

Residents say they won't stop until children are able to play outside without parents fearing the worst.

"It's my life," added Counterman. "I can't just sit there and watch TV like nothing happened. It happened to me, it happened in my neighborhood and we're all suffering from it."

Police are still searching for the shooter from Sunday's incident, but today they did arrest one of the victims.

They say Shane Walden threw out crack cocaine before emergency service workers took him to the hospital.

He was arrested on felony drug charges in New York, where he's from.

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