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Rock salt causes damage to cars

Rock salt causes damage to cars

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Rock salt and brine are necessary evils in the winter time - but you car could end paying the price.

Mechanic Steven Stitzer says this winter he's seen his share of salt-damaged vehicles at Park Manor Automotive in Allentown.

"It attacks the break lines, the fuel lines, the body of the vehicle and the suspension parts of the vehicle that will basically rot through. And then you'll lose your breaks, you'll lose your fuel and the car will basically become inoperable or very unsafe to drive on the highway," said Stitzer.

Stitzer was working on a salt-encrusted pick up truck that needs new brake lines and has body damage.

Mechanics say one of the best and only ways to protect your car from salt corrosion is to wash it regularly, both outside and underneath.

Kunhsville Car Wash in Allentown was packed with people trying to do just that.

Jeanne Reusch from Allentown was one of them.

"I just couldn't stand to look at my car another minute," she said.

Ruesch made a stop at the car wash during her lunch break. She says she knows it's not just about looks.

"It's been over a week so I figured I'd better do it before something happens," said Reusch.

Stitzer says it's saving your car and saving you money.

He explains, "If you have to replace the brake lines it could be basically hundreds and hundreds of dollars. If it's fuel lines, depending on the year of the vehicle it could be thousands of dollars."

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