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Schlossberg's rapist child-support legislation folded into another bill as an amendment

HARRISBURG, Pa. - State Rep. Mike Schlossberg, D-Lehigh, said his bill requiring the father of a child conceived by rape or incest to pay child support even if parental rights are terminated has been folded into H.B. 945 as an amendment.

After vetting by the House Judiciary Committee last year, Schlossberg said his H.B. 836 was made part of a bill sponsored by state Rep. Angel Cruz that seeks to ensure termination of parental rights for rapists.

"I am pleased to see that my idea was deemed sensible and important enough to be drafted as a means to make someone else's strong legislation even stronger," Schlossberg said. "There are times when getting the right thing done trumps getting the credit. When it comes to relieving the burden of having to choose between accepting child support from, or terminating the parental rights of, a rapist, it doesn't matter whose name is on the legislation."

Noting that his H.B. 836 is now Amendment 7416 of H.B. 945 โ€“ which was approved by the House on second consideration today in a key procedural vote โ€“ Schlossberg said he looks forward to the day when the combined legislation becomes law.

"The sooner, the better โ€“ especially for those who shouldn't be forced to choose between financial support for a child or having to keep facing their attacker," Schlossberg said.

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