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Schools plow lots, clean off buses after storm

VIDEO Schools plowing lots, cleaning...

OREFIELD, Pa. - Clean up from the storm is not just happening on city and county streets; schools are busy too.

In Allentown, while workers are clearing sidewalks and plowing parking lots, Andrew Hargrove and his crew are hard at work in Parkland.

"I have a snow team of bus drivers that comes in to help the mechanics clean," he said.

On Wednesday, 12 bus drivers and ten mechanics cleared off the buses, then plowed away the snow.

Hargrove is the garage foreman for the Parkland School District and said it takes time to clear 136 buses and 19 school vans, plow the lots, then put salt down.

"It usually runs us about four hours to clean the whole thing," Hargrove said.

He also has to make sure the plows are operating smoothly.

"Then we also have to have all of our plow trucks running, like this morning we had two plow trucks that were out of service and we got them back this morning," said Hargrove.

 He and his crew have to ensure the vehicles are in top shape.

"Every bus comes through about once every two weeks," Hargrove said. "It goes through the shop and gets checked out by our staff and the bus drivers check that everyday."

Hargrove said it's all worth it for the students.
Hargrove said the snow isn't usually a problem when it comes to maintenance, but the salt tends to create rust on the buses over time.

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